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R4i Toronto

Welcome to R4iToronto.com, we aim to offer you the best value for money on R4i and R4 3DS cards, and we only stock official R4i-SDHC.com cards. All cards are tested prior to dispatch and we offer express shipping. Most orders are received in 4 days, so there is no long waits on orders from Asia.

We offer express shipping around Canada and all cards are of the highest quality. If you have any questions please contact us.


The R4 Card or R4 DS is the original release of the R4. Designed to be used with the DS and DS lite consoles it offers support for Micro SD memory cards, allowing you to store 2GB of data on a single memory chip. Designed by the team at R4DS.com it was the most popular R4 device until it was replaced by the upgraded R4 SDHC card.

With the R4 SDHC card you can add up to 32GB of data to each memory chip using Micro SDHC memory cards. These cards are the ‘high capacity’ version of the SD cards and allow you store substantially more on each card. Depending on how much you wish to store you can choose between the R4 and R4 SDHC, however we would recommend you pick the R4 SDHC, as it is a more advanced version and comes with support from the R4i-SDHC.com team. The R4DS seems to have come to an end with regards to software updates.

So what is the R4 used for?

Using the R4 allows you to add a Micro SD/SDHC memory card to your console meaning you can playback a wide range of media files including music, movies, and photos and even read eBooks on your console. This little chip allows you to change your DS console from being a simple gaming device into a fully fledged media device, capable of replacing expensive Mp3/ Mp4 players. To begin using the R4 you will need to purchase a memory card, or if you already have a Micro SD or SDHC that will do. Once you have your memory card you will need to attach it to your PC using the included Micro SD/SDHC memory card reader which comes included with each R4 and R4 SDHC. Once attached you simply click and drag the required files from your PC onto the memory card, take it out and insert it into the R4 which then fits into slot 1 on the DS. This is where you previously would have placed your games cartridges. Once you have done this you simply follow the onscreen steps and you are ready to go.


With the R4i or R4i-SDHC you can experience all the benefits of the R4 but now on the DSi or DSi XL console. The R4i, just like the R4 SDHC, was released by the R4i-SDHC.com team and comes with constant updates to ensure it works with the latest firmware from Nintendo. Please view our bundles to find an R4i that suits your needs.

With the R4i SDHC you can also use it with any of the older DS range of consoles, as it is fully backwards compatible with all older generations, meaning you do not need to purchase new cards for each console.

R4 3DS

The R4 3DS or R4i SDHC 3DS is the most advanced version of the R4. Designed by the R4i-SDHC.com team, it offers 3DS and 3DS XL console users the option to experience the delight of the R4 on their consoles. The 3DS adapter is designed to work with every DS console available and just like its older brothers, the R4i and R4 SDHC, it supports Micro SDHC memory cards, allowing you to store up to 2GB of data on a single memory chip the size of a small coin. We offer many bundles with various memory cards for the R4 3DS.

R4 3DS canada

The R4 3DS is currently the most popular 3DS/ 3DS XL accessory in Canada, offer value for money and a wide range of features. We are the official Canadian retailer of the R4-3DS range of cards and offer value for money aswell as experienced customer support.